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As much us there are many good people and companies creating jobs and hiring, there are those among us who seek to take advantage of the tough unemployment situation to exploit job seekers. Please be vigilant and avoid falling victim to fraudsters and scammers

Watch out for the following red flags from fraudsters

- Promising salaries and benefits that are extremely high with little qualification requirements

- Promising cushy jobs in several roles abroad/ in any industry (Oil industry is a common scam)

- Rushing you to act quickly/now and pay a fee

- Asking you to pay registration fees or buy forms

- Asking for your bank account or mobile money details along with your personal details

What to do

- Do NOT respond to suspicious job posts

- If you see a suspicious job posts, report it by clicking on the red "report" button on the job posts

- If you have supplied your bank account or credit card details, please contact your financial institution immediately and ask for their advice.

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WARNING: VimJobs does not charge Job Seekers. Report suspicious activity/fraud. Click the red "Report" button on the job page. VimJobs is not responsible for monies paid to Scammers. See Tips to stay safe

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