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NO, I am satisfied

Head Of Business Development

 Accra   422 days ago


Mining Engineer

 Accra   56 days ago

Mining Engineer

 Nyankpala   56 days ago

Construction Supervisor

 North Kaneshie   21 days ago

Construction Supervisor

 Chapel Hil Takoradi   15 days ago

Construction Project Manager

 Dome   82 days ago

Construction Site Supervisor

 Ringway Estates   19 days ago

Offshore Construction Manager - Need

 La   20 days ago

Subsea Construction Manager - Need

 La   18 days ago

Building Construction Site Supervisor (finishes)

 Spintex   NEW

Electrical Technician ( Estate & Construction Background )

 Airport Residential Area   18 days ago

Jumbo Drill Operators

 Underground Mining Alliance
 Obuasi   20 days ago

Pipeline Construction Project Manager-urgently

 La   20 days ago

Civil Engineer

 MQ Construction Limited
 Accra   50 days ago

Recruitment And Training Officer

 Accra and Kumasi   48 days ago

Consultancy (cost Of Construction Of Sanitation Facilities)

 WSUP Ghana
 Accra   32 days ago

Mining Camp Housekeeping And Laundry Supervisor

 Prestea   63 days ago

Sales And Marketing Representative (eastern And Volta Region...

 QPGH Industries Limited
 Eastern and Volta Regions   34 days ago

Artisans ? Electrical And Plumbing

 Halcom Management Services
 Accra   78 days ago

Expression Of Interest- Furnishing Of Apartment

 Total Family Health Organisation
 Northern Region and GT. Accra   28 days ago

Juice And Salad Specailist

 The Farmers Market

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