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2018 Construction Job Vacancies

 Reputable Premier Mining and Cons
 Akrokerri Kumasi   300 days ago

Summer Intern: Online Community Manger

 MBAs For Africa
 Abeka La Paz   558 days ago

Screen Printing Apprentice

 Brinnex Company
 Tema Comm.7   8 days ago

Marketing Intern

 Reputable company
 New Weija   12 days ago

Internship Programmes

 InfoView Data Solutions Limited
 Ashaley Botwe   13 days ago

Customer Support Intern

 InfoView Data Solutions Limited
 Ashaley Botwe   69 days ago

Internship Programmes

 InfoView Data Solutions Limited
 Ashaley Botwe   29 days ago

Internship Programmes

 Ashaley Botwe   29 days ago

Accountant For Intenship

 North Kaneshie   657 days ago

Volunteers (children Bible Knowledge Event)

 Ashaiman   531 days ago

Sales Executive

 Abeka La Paz   687 days ago

Quality Assurance Manager For Food Processing &organic Farm

 Abeka La Paz   661 days ago

Telephone/cctv Technician

 Glatins Company Limited
 Abeka La Paz   484 days ago

Mcse (interns)

 Accra North   667 days ago

Food Handlers

 Osu. R.E.   86 days ago

Uber Drivers (labadi, Osu, Teshie)

 Careers In Ghana Recruitment Cons
 Accra Central   306 days ago

Unilever Ulip Marketing Interns

 Accra   615 days ago

Marketing Intern Personelles

 Vitrum Technology
 Amakom Kumasi   92 days ago

Interns For Our Internship Programme

 Accra Central   631 days ago


 Londies Properties
 East Legon, Accra   673 days ago

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