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Pwadam  Claude


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Name:   Pwadam Claude
Date of Birth:   31th January, 1988
Hometown:   Navrongo
Nationality:   Ghanaian
Sex:   Male
Marital Status:   Single
Contact Address:   Tamale Teaching Hospital, Box 16 Tamale. N/R Ghana
My goal is to become a charted procurement manager through the Association of Charted Institute of Procurement and Supply Chain (CIPS) and to assume a responsible position in a reputable and development oriented organization 

YEAR              INSTITUTION                                         QUALIFICATION
PHONE_HIDDEN    University College of management studies   BSc. In procurement and Supply Chain
Related courses:       Monitoring And Evaluation Systems I & II, Business Analysis, Logistic Management, Company Law, Entrepreneurship, Procurement Planning and budgetary control, Training and Development, Research Method, Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility, Legal Aspect of Procurement, Physical Distribution and Transportation, Human Resource Training and Development, Supply and Material Distribution, Tactics & Operation in Supply Chain Management, Strategic of Supply chain Management, Project Management, Processes and Procedures of Public sector Procurement.

YEAR              INSTITUTION                                     QUALIFICATION
PHONE_HIDDEN     Tamale Polytechnic                                  Higher national Diploma (HND) Marketing
Related courses:     Planning and Control, Decision and Analysis, Project Management, Integrated Marketing Communication, Marketing Environment, Marketing Fundamental, Customer Communication, Sales Management, International Marketing Strategy, Effective Management for Marketing, Marketing Customer Interface, Marketing Operations, Company Law, African Studies Communication Skills

YEAR              ORGANIZATION                                             POSITION
PHONE_HIDDEN       Tamale Teaching Hospital                                    Store Keeper
To exercise general control over all activities in Stores
To ensure safe keeping both as to quality and quantity of materials.
To maintain proper records.
To initiate purchase requisitions for the replacement of stock of all regular stores items whenever the stock level of any item of store approaches the minimum limit fixed in respect thereof.
To check and receive requested materials forwarded by the receiving department and to arrange for the storage in appropriate places.
To reserve a particular material for a specific job when so required.
To issue materials only in required quantities against authorized requisition notes/material lists.
To check the book balances, with the actual physical stock at frequent intervals by way of internal control over wrong issues, pilferage, etc.
YEAR              ORGANIZATION                                             POSITION
2013-  To date       Tamale Teaching Hospital                              Senior Supply Officer
Implement new or improved supply chain processes.
Collaborate with other departments, such as procurement, engineering, and quality assurance, to identify a qualified new suppliers
Analyze information about supplier performance or procurement program success.
Document physical supply chain processes, such as workflows, cycle times, position responsibilities, and system flows.
Use of Hospital Administration Systems (HAMS) Software.
Drawing yearly budget of the department of Obstetrics and Gyneacology Department to be used in the Master Budget for the Tamale Teaching Hospital Annual Budget Plan. 
Monthly and Quarterly Returns

1	PetroSkils (USA) & MyGoodwill International ? (September) 2014	Overview of the Oil and Gas industry 	Introduction to Health, Safety and Environment	Entrepreneurship and career Development	Natural Gas	Rig and Drilling Operation for Technicians	Oil and Gas Operation for Technicians 	Applied Health, Safety and Environment 	9 month
2	Tamale Teaching Hospital & Supply Chain Department ?(November) 2014	Logistics Management information Systems (LMIS) and Basic Inventory Management 	1 Week
3	Public Procurement Authority (PPA) and University College of Management Studies (UCOMS) ? (February 2017)	Capacity building on Public Procurement Act Amended Act	Preparation of Procurement plan	Preparation of Tender documents	3 days

 Active Listening, Speaking, Coordination, Complex Problem, Monitoring, Judgment and Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Writing 
Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Power point
Internet, Emails, Google Search 
  1. The Overview of the oil and Gas industry taking the following factors into consideration 
Formation of Hydrocarbons
Value Chain of the Oil and Gas Industry 
Legal regulatory Environment
Health, Safety and Environment 
2. The impact of integrating engineers on Project Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

Mr. Paul Senyo Gawu                                                   Mr. Sarfo Franklin
Dep. Director Supply Chain Management                  Dep. Director Monitoring and Evaluation
Tamale Teaching Hospital                                            Tamale Teaching Hospital
PHONE_HIDDEN                                                                   PHONE_HIDDEN

 Mr. Reynolds Awuah
Senior Health Service Administration Manager                                                                                                   
        Obstetrics and Gyneacology Department 
Tamale Teaching Hospital

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