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Maintenance Job Vacancies in Ghana

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Direct Business Executives (health)

 HealthCare International
 Accra |  Sep 22, 2018

Maintenance Administrator

 Accra |  Oct 18, 2017

Maintenance Officers

 Mab International Hospital
 Accra |  Nov 19, 2016

Maintenance Manager

 P.M. Renaissance
 Accra |  Feb 15, 2018

Maintenance Manager

 Apimenin, Western Region |  Mar 24, 2017

Maintenance Specialist

 Accra |  Aug 20, 2016

Service & Maintenance Engineer

 Volta Capital / Yoo!Mart
 Accra |  Sep 11, 2017

Maintenance Officer (accra)

 Sanford International Clinics-Gha
 Accra |  Jan 25, 2017

Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor - Ug

 Chirano Gold Mines Ltd.
 Ghana |  Sep 16, 2016

Maintenance And Spare Parts

 Zonda Tec Ghana Limited
 Tema |  Dec 6, 2016

Maintenance And Spare Parts

 Zonda Tec Ghana Limited
 Tema |  Jan 4, 2017

Hydrogold Limited Is A Reputable Company Who Is Into The Mai...

 North Kaneshie |  Jun 29, 2017

Safety Officer

 Ghana New Jobs
 Legon - Accra |  Jun 7, 2018

House Help - Outside Accra

 Ishmeallo kingdom company limited
 Darkuman |  May 31, 2018


 Qatar Charity (QC)
 Accra |  Apr 5, 2018

Executive Housekeeper

 Dodowa |  May 24, 2017

Heavy-duty (diesel) U/g Mechanics

 Golden Star (Bogoso/Prestea) Limi
 Accra |  Sep 20, 2016

Alarms And Cctv System Technician

 Boyant Engineering Services
 Kaneshie |  Apr 3, 2018

Housekeeping Interns

 Accra |  May 19, 2017

Senior Macroeconomist

 Ghana Economic, Policy Analysis a
 Accra |  Oct 7, 2016

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