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Job Opportunity

 Accra Central   116 days ago


Healthcare Professionals Only

 Accra   115 days ago


Swahili Teacher (part-time)

 SOS Hermann Gmeiner International
 Tema   905 days ago

Reputable Company Head Of Production

 Reputable Company
 Tema   834 days ago

Workers At Tema Motoway Roundabout Construction Project.

 Premier Mining & Construction Com
 Tema   380 days ago


 Ricks Logistics LTD
 Tema   11 days ago

Electrical Technicians Required

 Tema   816 days ago

Class Teacher

 WorkPoint Agency Limited
 Tema   19 days ago

Software Developer

 Prince power commision
 Tema   17 days ago

Uber/ Fameko Drivers

 Tema   21 days ago

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (etp)

 Tema   22 days ago

Cleaning Specialist

 Global Access Consult
 Tema   31 days ago


 Epic Business Solution
 Tema   31 days ago

Tendering / Marketing Executives

 Tema   32 days ago

Accounts Officer (living In Tema)

 Tema   854 days ago

Integrated Science Lecturer

 Tema   48 days ago

Van Sales Supervisor (shs And Hnd)-tema

 Tema   52 days ago

House Help And Caterer At Tema

 Tema   906 days ago


 Tema   890 days ago


 Tema   56 days ago

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