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Head Of Business Development

 Accra   426 days ago



 Spintex   771 days ago

Fashion Designers (seamstresses/tailors)

 Unique Links Consult
 Adjirigannor   830 days ago


 James group of companies
 Spintex   768 days ago

Professional Tailor

 Accra   886 days ago

Swimwear Maker/ Seamstress/ Clothier

 East Legon   664 days ago

Fashion Designer

 Accra   810 days ago

Fashion Designers (seamstresses/tailors)

 Unique Links Consult
 Adjirigannor   830 days ago

Boutique Assistant Job

 Kumasi   918 days ago

Seamstress & Tailor

 Beauratax Collection
 Accra   922 days ago

Textile Designer

 Accra   619 days ago

Production Lead (garment And Textile Industry)

 Kokomlemle   262 days ago

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