Ghana Jobs Report Jan 07,2019

A daily summary of the state of job vacancies in Ghana, Jan 7, 2019
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There were a total of 73 job vacancies posted in the last 3 days.

Companies hiring since Jan 04,2019 include

Reputable Mining and Construction Company Ltd(4 positions)
FLP GH(3 positions)
Foreverliving GH LIMITED(3 positions)
Construction Company Ghana Ltd(3 positions)
Ryan Anobaah group of companies (3 positions)
Martin group of companyour ltd.(3 positions)
sker limited(2 positions)
The Gibson's Business Consultancy & Trading Firm(1 positions)
Skynet Express Limited(1 positions)
Mypayscheck(1 positions)
Lestex Security(1 positions)
GABSCO (1 positions)
Reputable company (1 positions)
FG International(1 positions)
FG International(1 positions)
Sapphire Group of Companies (1 positions)

Top locations for job vacancies since Jan 04,2019 include

Accra(39 positions)
Airport Residential Area(8 positions)
Airport(4 positions)
Nationwide(3 positions)
Tema(3 positions)
Osu(1 positions)
Abetifi-Kwahu(1 positions)
Kokomlemle(1 positions)
Agbogba Junction(1 positions)
Weija(1 positions)
Amakom Kumasi(1 positions)
Adenta(1 positions)
Adenta East(1 positions)
New Weija(1 positions)
Agaadzenaa(1 positions)
Accra North(1 positions)
Akpormang Dravaga(1 positions)
North Kaneshie(1 positions)
Abesim Sunyani(1 positions)
Accra New Town(1 positions)
Agomeda(1 positions)

Top Job Titles since Jan 04,2019 were for the following positions:

Business Opportunity (3)
Network Marketing(3)
Online Advertisers (3)
Work In Qatar(2)
Dreamer Company Ghana Limited(2)
Health/safety Worker(2)
Casual And Factory Hands(1)
Female Secretary (travel&tour) At Osu(1)
Sales Consultant(1)
Office Assistant(1)
Office Representatives (1)
Secretary (1)
Business Developers(1)
Security Officer(1)
Marketing Intern(1)
Accounts And Warehouse Manager For Kumasi (1)
2019 Job Offer In Canada Farms For Ghana(1)
Operations Supervisors Are In Accra (1)
Seals Assistance (1)
Opportunity For Fresh/old Graduates(1)
Office Representative(1)
Sales Executive And I.t Personal(1)
Online Marketting(1)
Online Sales Personnels(1)
Marketing Executive (computers & Home Appliances)(1)


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