Ghana Jobs Report Dec 25,2018

A daily summary of the state of job vacancies in Ghana, Dec 25, 2018
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There were a total of 11 job vacancies posted in the last 24 hours starting Dec 24,2018 6:03AM

Companies hiring since yesterday include

Mining and Construction Company Ltd(3 positions)
Reputable Mining and Construction Company Ltd(2 positions)
Forever Living Products (1 positions)
Nanatel Limited(1 positions)
Kumasi Hive(1 positions)

Top locations for job vacancies since yesterday include

Accra(4 positions)
Kumasi(1 positions)
Suame Kumasi(1 positions)
Yendi(1 positions)
Adukrom(1 positions)
Zongo(1 positions)
Zebilla(1 positions)
Abesim Sunyani(1 positions)

Top Job Titles since yesterday were for the following positions:

House Helps And Nannies(1)
Work Abroad(1)
Assistant Supervisor(1)
Business Development Officer(1)
Graphic Designer(1)


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