Become a Vimbassaddor and EARN UP TO GHS10000

How it works

Our mission at VimJobs is to tackle unemployment by matching employers with job seekers as well as providing necessary training for individuals to acquire new skills and upgrade themselves for career advancement and/or entrepreneural endeavours

In order to help us achieve this goal we are providing the following incentives for Vimbassadors (in addition to earning VimCred for everyone you invite)

Product Description
Sponsored Jobs Even though it is free to post jobs on,
employers have the option to pay for their job posts to get extra exposure
on the and on our social media platforms.
Job Seeker Advantage Job Seekers can pay to enable automatic applications and sms notifications about their applications
CV Database Access Employers may pay to search our database of CV so the can hire more quickly
Online Courses We have created an online platform where anyone can create and sell their courses online.
Course topics can vary widely to address various but specific areas for the employed, the unemployed, professionals and institutions.

Earning potential

You can earn up to GHS10,000. The more people you invite the more you can earn.

How to invite

  • Invite via WhatsApp, SMS or social network using your personal referal link. Get your personal link from the top of the invite page: here →
  • Another way is using our invite page: here → - we invite them on your behalf with an email.
  • Please note you will NOT get credited if you do not use one of the above referral methods

Tips for Vimbassadors

  • 1. WhatsApp is a great starting point! Share with your WhatsApp groups. Also use your facebook, twitter, instagram networks.
  • 2. Invite your current employer. Invite the person responsible for hiring or the HR Manager
  • 3. Invite HR Managers in other companies or institutions you know
  • 4. Invite friends and family who own or manage their business (big or small or self-employed) - they may have a need to hire part time or full-time.
  • 5. Invite friends and family who are in the business of teaching either in the public or private sector or as a side business (For online courses)
  • 6. Invite final year students and National Service Persons. They will be forever grateful to you!
  • 7. Invite EVERYONE you know - everyone generally falls into one of the categories - job seeker, employer, teacher, self-employed or unemployed.

Cashing your referral earnings

VimJobs will send you payments everytime your referral earnings reach GHS50

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