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Answered by D. Emmanuel on Jan 18, 2019

Am Emmanuel Dwamena a very good and industrious boy

Answered by F. Yeboah on Dec 4, 2018

I am young energetic and great communicator. Working as technician for two years help me to build confidence in me. I'm puntual, dependable, can be counted upon to finish what I started. I consider my self hard-working, reliable, dependable, helpful, outgoing, organised, honest and cooperative.

Answered by J. Darkwah on Nov 22, 2018

Am Janet Darkwah a very smart person

Answered by A. Taoheed on Oct 25, 2018

My name is Agbaje Taohees

Answered by kpotoedey on Oct 16, 2018

i'm french teacher(now) but i'm able to write and speak English and Spanish as well. Drawing is my Hobby.

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